Instagram Introduces An Improved Camera UI and Stories GIFs Feature

The core element of what Instagram has to offer has always been the images that you are able to take using the various filters that are available. However, another big part of what makes Instagram such a mainstay in the world of social media has always had to do with the fact that it had a stellar camera user interface. It seems like Instagram was not all that satisfied with the interface that it was currently offering its users which is probably why it is introducing a brand new camera UI on its platform.

This new UI will give you a series of camera modes that you can cycle through, with each mode being represented by some kind of circular logo or symbol. While this change does streamline Instagram’s aesthetics, some are criticizing it by saying that Instagram is making far too many changes and that this is going to make it difficult for some users to get used to the user interface that the platform currently has to offer.

A second change that is coming to Instagram is a little less controversial. It involves making it easier for you to add GIFs to your Instagram Stories. GIFs are a great way to get your message across and can add a bit of personality and character to the story that you are trying to tell.

Previously adding a GIF was a somewhat tiresome process. The update that is coming through is going to give you the option to search for a GIF directly while you are about to post your story, thereby making it possible for you to add a lot more without having to start all over again each and every time. It’s fair to say that this particular change is probably going to a lot more popular than the one involving the camera UI.

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