Facebook Makes Several Improvements to Messenger for Business

Messenger is a big player in the world of instant messaging, particularly for businesses that are trying to facilitate communications between employees that are working together as well as with customers that are trying to make purchases or perhaps make an inquiry regarding a particular product or service that is on offer.

One feature that has been particularly useful has been the private reply feature. Basically if a customer leaves an inquiry on the business’s Facebook page, the business can respond to this inquiry with a private message. Whereas previously you could only privately respond to an inquiry with text, now you can create templates that will be sent to customers and you will also be able to incorporate images into the mix which would definitely expand the manner in which you would be able to communicate with your customers all in all.

Another feature that is going to beef up interactions between customers and businesses is the testing of a dynamic persistent menu. This menu will detail core elements of a customer’s relationship and history with the business and would make it a great deal easier for businesses to customize and personalize their responses to the customers that they happen to be interacting with. A common complaint that a lot of customers seem to have with the businesses that they may be working with involves them receiving robotic replies that makes them feel like their concerns are not being properly addressed. This dynamic persistent menu is going to help businesses avoid this sort of thing happening all in all.
"We’ve built these new features to make the Messenger experience more seamless and useful than ever for developers and businesses. We’re always innovating to provide you with the tools to build the absolute best experiences on Messenger.", announced Shankar Venkataraman, Messenger for Business Product Marketing Manager.
These changes are definitely going to improve the impact that Messenger for Business can have on the numerous companies, brands and businesses that are utilizing this service, and it is important to consider Facebook’s forays into a business facing suite of products that will definitely broaden its horizons quite a bit.

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