Instagram Faces a Weak Launch of “Threads”, a Snapchat-Like Messaging App

Remember when IGTV and Boomerang were launched by Instagram? Even today, the hype for these features is present.

Instagram recently released a “Threads” messaging app, which was expected to become a hit just like other launches but the news might surprise Instagram owners. Even though Instagram successfully redirected million of users towards “Threads” still, app downloads are not even above 0.1% of the total population of Instagram users. Which raises the question is the future of social still private?

The statistics by Apptopia have shown that Instagram has failed to gather a successful launch of “Threads”, which might appear as “Threads” failure.

“Threads” is basically a messaging app where friends can talk in groups or individually, however, the friends are limited to only close friends. The app opens up to a camera, just like Snapchat and allows users to talk through snaps.

Again, just like Snapchat!

All social media applications went crazy over the success of Snapchat and hence, the launch of Snap chatting on almost all big platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Maybe that’s the specific reason why nobody wants to use “Threads” in the first place. There is no major innovative and unique feature in the app that anyone would like to explore.

Nobody wants to spend so much time on an app that is just like others. This sole reason might be the reason why Instagram did not receive the attention that they might have wished for.

However, it’s just been one week to the launch let’s see what the future holds for “Threads” app. Hopefully, Instagram will be able to bring more users to download the app. Currently, Instagram has declined to comment on the weak launch of “Threads”, however, in the future, they might comment on it.

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