How To Create Effective Listings In A Digital World (infographic)

Digital marketing is here to stay. Most people are connected to the world through their smartphones or other devices. This means that gone are the days when businesses could get by using just print marketing. Now, to stay competitive and survive, you need to reach your customers in the digital world.

For consumers to connect with you digitally, you need to have an online presence and promote your product or services through listings and advertising. And your listings need to pack a powerful punch if you’re going to get through to people and convince them they should buy what you’re selling.

One of the best ways to engage consumers and make your listings effective so they produce the most results is by using words that sell. Here’s what you need to know about writing those eye-catching listings.

Understand the Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a different influence on people than any other type of advertising. Businesses have had to change the way they reach out and connect with their customers.

Here’s why:

Communication is instant
Interacting with people happens the moment you post your listing. Whether it’s on websites or social media, consumers are able to bounce around from one sales offer to the next with just a single click or swipe. If you don’t give them what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly move on.

An overload of content
The internet is full of content. Whatever consumers are shopping for, they’ll find multiple opportunities. Your listing needs to pop – and using the right words will keep people reading about what you’re selling. Without these right words, consumers will head off to check out what your competition has to offer.

Personalization is key
Consumers have come to expect personalized content in the listings they read. Digital marketing has made it possible for you to gather information about your customers and create a marketing strategy that speaks directly to your target market. Use this information in your listings to connect on a personal level.

Marketing innovation
The digital world insists that businesses constantly come up with new and innovative ways to market their products and services. Consumers expect to be engaged and entertained, paying more attention to businesses that provide this innovation.

The Psychology Behind Great Listings

There’s a lot of psychology behind how consumers behave. When writing online listings, focus on using some of this psychology to connect more intimately with your buyers. Consumers are driven to buy based on a variety of conditions, with different motivating factors. This includes health and fitness, joy and happiness, status, and personal growth.

When writing listings, identify which of your products or services meet a specific target group of customers. Then write a listing that speaks directly to those primary consumers. If you’re selling more than one type of product, write multiple listings that focus and specialize on each different item.

Use these techniques for writing great listings:

Connect emotionally
Whenever people buy a product or service, they base their decision on their emotions. Identify the feelings and emotional values of your target customers and then use this information to emphasize that your product can live up to these values. Focus on positive emotions rather than negative – people want to feel good about what they’re buying.

Present supporting information
Being digital means having access to streams of information. Your listing needs to include supporting information about what you’re selling. Include accurate facts about your business and products, backed up with supporting data when possible. The more information you provide, the more value consumers will place on your listing.

Highlight benefits and solutions
Most of the purchases consumers make are motivated by making an improvement or because a product will enhance their life. By anticipating buyer needs and concerns as you write your posting, you can show your customers that they’ll be better off if they buy what you’re selling.

Adapt your pricing
Pay attention to how you’re adding prices to your listings:
  • Marketing research shows that for items considered cost-effective, ending your price with a “9” works best, as buyers will round the price down. For luxury items, stick to rounded prices.
  • Highlight deals so buyers can’t miss seeing them. Use big, bold, and colorful font to price products. Most consumers will be quicker to buy if they think they’re getting a bargain.
  • Put comparisons into listings. Consumers will most often choose the item that’s priced in the middle as the better option – it’s not “cheap”, and it’s not too expensive.

Best Tips for Online Listings

Online listings require a few specific elements to make them as effective as possible. Remember that your goal here is to write listings that grab the attention of readers and make those sales.

Here are some simple tips for posting online that will get your listing noticed:

Post at just the right time – People are connected to their smartphones and other devices almost 24/7. But the times they shop happens more after 5 pm and on weekends when they’re not focused on work. Post during these times and you’ll have more eyes on your freshly posted listings.

Write headlines that stand out – The first thing people will see on your listing is the headline. So you’ll need to write one that’s eye-catching and quickly gets their attention. Use as little punctuation as you can and limit the words to about 40 to 80 characters.

Use visual communication – Marketing research shows that consumers are more influenced by listings and content that contain images. In fact, in one study, 92.6% of people say they place a lot of importance on images and video when they’re buying online.

Check out your competition – It pays to see what your competitors are up to. Look into other industries as well to see if you can find inspiration there for new ways to write your own listings.

Use amazing adjectives – Don’t get stuck using boring, overused adjectives. Instead use descriptive adjectives that make readers want to find out more about the products or services you’re selling.

Create Easy to Read Text

They say that content is king, but it’s also the design of the text that matters. If your listings aren’t readable, buyers won’t hang around long enough to find out what you’re selling. You have a lot of options for font – be wise and choose font styles that will get your message across in a professional manner.

To create readable text use:
  • Sans serif font, which looks more streamlined and modern.
  • Professional font, such as Proxima Nova or Verdana.
  • 10 to 14-point font for the body of the listing, and 16 to 20-point font for titles.
To compete in a digital world, your online listings need to be effective to attract the attention of consumers. Using the right words in just the right format is going to get you that attention. Online consumers are in a hurry – they’ve come to expect instant answers and solutions to what they’re looking for. And with quick and easy shipping, they have unlimited businesses to choose from when it comes to making a purchase.

Utilize the tips and techniques outlined here to start writing copy that reaches your target customers. To see additional listing tips check out the infographic below, titled "Words That Sell: How To Create Attention-Grabbing Online Listings", from ForSaleByOwner. Creating a consistent and well-thought out online presence is a monumental step in becoming the business that consumers turn to when they’re ready to buy.

Online listing tips that sell - infographic
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