Google Q3 2019 Revenue: Company earns around $40.5 billion

Alphabet has recently presented a report on the Q3 2019 revenue, which shows a positive hike. The company’s revenue has increased by 20%, i.e. from $33.74 billion in 2018 to $40.49 billion in 2019.

The operating income as mentioned in the last year report was $9.17 billion with a net income of only $7.06 billion in the last quarter. However, this year, the Q3 2019 shows a net income of $9.17 billion in the same quarter this year.

Even though Google has earned good revenue this year, but the company failed to meet the earnings per share expectations.

Apart from this, last year Google earned $4.6 billion through its other services including Play Store, Google Cloud enterprise, and other hardware. This year, the revenue from the same sources have raised up to $6.42 billion.

“Other Bets” might be slowly increasing revenue but it has shown a great decline as well. Besides this, a revenue of $155 million was generated by the Fiber and Verily. The great thing witnessed here is that there is a slight decline in the operating cost of the same sources, i.e. $941 million from $989 million as compared to the last year.

Alphabet will further break down the revenues for the press releases and shareholders.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty

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