YouTube’s New Update to Benefit Content Creators

YouTube has long been considered a bastion for creators that want to create genuinely engaging content whilst having more control over how people interact with their videos. One major benefit of using YouTube in this manner has to do with the fact that you don’t have restrictions similar to what you would have to deal with while working in the realm of TV and traditional media. Additionally, you would have the benefit of uploading regardless of whether or not you have any past experience which has leveled the playing field in many ways allowing skilled creators to flourish without having to prove themselves to Hollywood moguls and the like.

YouTube has recognized the fact that it has become home to several content creators and has therefore started to incorporate tools that have the potential to make it easier for said creators to improve the quality of the content that they are putting out. YouTube has a long history of doing this, providing funds for creators as well as a share of the ad revenue that their content ends up generating, but some of the latest tools that the video sharing platform has released have had to do with post production and the like in an attempt to give creators the chance to make the content they upload look a lot more professional than it currently does.

The latest update that might just end up coming to the platform very soon, as reported by Jane Manchun Wong, involves giving users the option to edit (probably after they upload a video). The video hosting giant is currently testing out an improved object blur feature in YouTube Studio Editor which has the potential to make videos a lot more seamless in the final edit that is sent to users that follow specific channels. According to Wong, with the help of these two new options "Oval and Rectangle shapes" YouTubers can blur any object more conveniently right from YouTube Editor.

When this feature will actually be rolled out remains to be seen, but it’s fair to say that the fact that it is being tested indicates that it might just come sooner rather than later.

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