Facebook Struggling to Find a Way to Identify Deepfakes on its Platform

Facebook has always been a part of severe criticism from all around the world due to its security issues and the spread of misinformation on the platform. Currently, Facebook is struggling to find a way to identify deepfakes on its platform. Not only the use of deepfakes cause the spread of misinformation, but it also has the potential to influence the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

Before coming up with any policy, Facebook is engaging with other big tech giants in the market to come up with a solution by mutual help. The first problem that occurs here is to find the deepfake posts on the platform oozing with millions of posts on a regular basis.

Facebook’s CTO has also reported that there has been much advanced technology that is producing deepfakes, but the technology to identify deepfakes is yet to be discovered.

Some deepfake videos that were out in the public sometime before include a video of Mark Zuckerberg in which he was giving a speech about his power over people’s data. Also, the video of speaker Nany Pelosi, who was made to look drunk went viral in May. Although, Facebook tried to downgrade the video that put a stop to its spread over the internet.

Not just Facebook, but other platforms including Twitter has shown concern on the damage that deepfakes could cause. To this end, Facebook is still working on the policy changes for which it has teamed up with Amazon and Microsoft to form a research unit aimed to find a solution to finding out deepfakes on the internet.

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