Elon Musk Sends his First Tweet Through Space, Courtesy of Starlink Satellite!

Around 5 months ago in May, SpaceX (founded by Elon Musk) launched 60 Starlink satellites into space. The motive behind it has always been to run a broadband satellite network. Fast forward to the present day, Elon Musk has used the Satellite internet connection to send out a tweet for the first time ever.

The network in question is tasked with offering economic and cheap internet across the world. SpaceX’s main goal is to provide internet to rural or underdeveloped areas where the internet coverage isn’t sufficient.

Earlier this month, SpaceX sought permission for launching 30,000 additional Starlink satellites into orbit. The network aims to provide stable and high-speed internet in Canada and northern parts of the United States for now. However, a global coverage is under consideration as well.

According to SpaceX, you can expect the network to go live by next year.

Interestingly, SpaceX is not the only space-tech giant when it comes to launching satellite-based internet connection. Amazon’s “Kuiper” project will also make use of satellites to provide internet connection across the globe and that too from low orbit Earth.

The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos was granted permission in June 2019 to launch 3,236 satellites into the orbit.

A number of space researchers have come forward to alert about the threats associated with launching such a massive amount of satellites into space. The International Astronomical Union said that such a move can adversely affect the optical astronomy as well as disrupt radio signals.

Elon Musk Sends his First Tweet Through Space, Courtesy of Starlink Satellite!
Photo: AP / Jae C. Hong
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