Google's Search Ad Revenue Is Going To Drop Soon, While Amazon's Will Only Grow!

In a world where Google has always been known as everyone’s best friend, especially because of how the search engine listens to you and answers your every lame question with logic, Amazon is still expected to win in terms of growth in ad revenue.

As the claim does sound surprising but this has been further backed up by a forecast based on comprehensive study done by eMarketer. Hence, according to their prediction on US ad spending, Google will bear a significant decline in the share of search revenue in the next two years, whereas Amazon’s share will grow up by a lot.

Going into the depth of statistics, the US search ad market will experience an overall growth of 18% this year in order to reach up to $55.17 billion, among which Google will own 73.1%, while gathering a total of $40.33 billion. However, the data starts to become bad for Google when the prediction states that by 2021, the same share revenue will drop to 70.5%.

The results also included opinions conducted through polling and there was a vast majority of customers that now prefer to go to Amazon for product searches as compared to Google. A proof of this can also be seen in how Amazon’s search business grew by 30% in comparison to last year and this also brought up a hike in search revenue to $7.09 billion.

Amazon’s share of search ad market will be 12.9% this year, but is also expected to go up to 15.9% by 2021. If we even go back to 2018, eMarketer also notes that Amazon had already surpassed Microsoft back in the days by becoming the second largest ad-platform for search in United States.

On the immense success of Amazon’s search ad business, eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin praised Amazon for its wonderful strategies as the company has been able to attract massive increase in spending only because of how advertisers can reach directly to their consumers during product queries, especially when people are ready to make a purchase. Moreover, Amazon also rolled out with better measurement and targeting tools.

Besides all of this, there is good news for Walmart, Target, eBay and Pinterest as well since their search ad shares are also growing at Google’s expense.

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