Instagram Makes Throwback Thursdays Official With Create Mode

Instagram has been experimenting with a lot of different modes and features that were meant to entice content creators into using the platform along with making it so that its own users would be able to approach their posts with a more content-centric format as well.

One mode that it has been pushing quite prominently as of late has involved its Create mode, a mode that incorporates a wide range of features that are supposed to make it easier to create as well as edit content on the platform itself.

The Create mode is going to start off with a feature that is definitely going to be quite popular on the platform, a feature that is being referred to as “On This Day”. An “On This Day” post is basically an official version of Throwback Thursdays, although it is not restricted to any day of the week. This throwback feature will basically allow you to upload a picture with a memory that you have associated with it.

Screenshot: Techcrunch.

This feature is going to be highly popular among two groups. The first group will be regular users who will use it to shed some light on their history and commemorate events that they find to be quite important within the overall context of their lives. The second group would be content creators who would use this feature to promote their content even further, thereby giving them a lot more incentive to check out what the platform has to offer them.

It should be noted that Instagram’s previous attempts to cater to the content creator community saw mixed results. IGTV didn’t really take off the way the platform wanted it to, so it’s fair to say that Instagram will have quite a bit riding on how well received Creator mode as well as the “On This Day” feature end up being.

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