Facebook rolls out Stories Ads – Opens Messenger conversations with brands

Facebook, on Tuesday, rolled out a new feature in Stories Ads that redirects viewers directly to the Messenger application.

According to an official blog post by Messenger business lead product manager Mohit Rajani, the new feature is now available for Stories ads on Instagram, Messenger, and the flagship Facebook app. He further explained the feature in his blog and said that the users will be redirected to the Messenger window when they swipe up on the ad.

Rajani also shared that around 500 million people are using the Stories feature on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. He also claimed that over 40 million businesses are active on Messenger. In fact, he states that 3 million brands are operating their ads on Facebook and its subsidiaries each month and taking advantage of the various features including Stories.

Facebook recently ran a test on Messenger Stories and saw that seven out of nine brands utilized the feature monthly for multiple Stories placement. As a result, the companies saw a significant increase in their conversions, app installs, purchases, and memberships.

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