EU Ruling will Affect Legitimate and Legal Speech, Facebook Says

Recently, Facebook again faced critical litigation against the removal of a comment, demanded by an Austrian politician Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek. The politician stated that the comment badly reflects on her reputation and has the potential of causing permanent harm, therefore, she demanded the removal of the comment.

European Union (EU) gave its ruling in favor of the politician stating that all the countries in the EU should have the ability to stop defamatory posts on social media. Also, any other content, which is equivalent to such defamatory content must also be prohibited at all costs.

Facebook has argued the judgment of the EU stating that they have undermined the principle of imposing their rules and regulations on the laws of another country.

Facebook also presented its view that even though Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enormously used to predict defamatory data and posts on Facebook but still it does not have the ability to always decode the intent and context.

Apart from AI, the content moderators of Facebook also play a critical role in identifying such content then removing it instantly but something will be missed for sure.

Often people are sharing articles condemning the news whilst the other might be sharing it because they are in agreement with it. So, it is impossible to know the exact intent at all times.

By imposing such a verdict on Facebook, the EU has jeopardized the legitimate and legal speech as well. This can cause a negative impact on the platform in the future as well by limiting people to share their views.

In such a case, Facebook is working hard to challenge this verdict, however, the Court does not seem to care much about it.

In this scenario, Facebook only has the opportunity to further, improve their scrutinizing process and review their policies.

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