You Can Now Add App Shortcuts for Instagram on Android

One of the defining characteristics of the tech world has to do with adding as much convenience as possible to the user experience in an attempt to make it easier for users to fulfill the tasks that they are trying to get done in the shortest period of time that can be managed without compromising on the quality of the user experience in any way, shape or form. One aspect of this was the addition of app shortcuts which basically allows you to interact with apps from your home screen rather than having to actually go to the app.

This is quite useful for situations where you just want to make a single post or respond to a comment without entering the app itself, but the fact of the matter is that certain apps, with Instagram being the most glaring culprit, have not offered app shortcuts on Android phones for quite some time now. This is finally being amended with Android, as the OS now getting app shortcuts for Instagram, something that will make it a lot easier for users to get their Instagram needs fulfilled without having to compromise on the other activities that they are taking part in.

One thing that should be noted is that there is no update that is going to activate app shortcuts for Instagram on Android. Instead, Instagram seems to be activating this feature for its users remotely rather than lumping it in with a wider update that is designed to address a wide variety of other concerns that users may have. While a lot of Android users have complained about the fact that iOS tends to get updates like this a lot quicker than they do, now that the problem has been resolved it will probably be far less of an issue at least until the next delay comes around.

Screenshot: Androidpolice / Rodrigo.

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