Instagram to Offer Reminders for Product Launches

In recent times Instagram has been trying to change up the way it approaches its userbase and the various services that it ends up offering them. For one thing, it has been trying to enter the world of eCommerce, and its forays into this field have been rather successful. However, the image sharing and social media platform is consistently looking for ways to improve this service, and one of the latest updates that are coming through is going to definitely help small businesses trying to find an audience on the platform make sure that their potential customers are made aware of any new products that are coming through.

Now, any business that is operating on Instagram can do a product launch which would help generate quite a bit of hyper for the person that is trying to make this sale in the first place. However, it doesn’t really matter what kind of product you are launching if enough people are not made aware of this launch. You need to make sure that all potential customers would be notified of the product launch whenever it is happening, and the new update coming to Instagram is going to make this possible.

This new update will basically make it possible for people to set reminders for your product launch. This is definitely going to send a lot of traffic to brands and companies that are trying to make their mark on the social media platform. While this feature is definitely going to end up becoming quite popular among big name brands, the main focus should be on smaller businesses that need Instagram in order to finally become established and gain access to a base of consumers that will be legitimately interested in the products that said brand or company is offering to them.

"With more of these shopping moments happening on Instagram, we wanted to make it easier for people to discover and follow upcoming product launches from brands and creators they love. The product launch sticker in Instagram Stories and product launch tag in feed lets people set reminders for the launch date, preview product details and buy as soon as a product is available without leaving Instagram." announced Instagram Business Team in a blog post.

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