Survey Regarding Facebook’s Trustworthiness Reveals Mixed Results

Facebook has been taking a lot of steps in an attempt to make it so that any user that wants to feel safer on the platform would most certainly be given the opportunity to do so, but it seems like the trust that it has lost among its users is not going to be all that easy to get back. Indeed, a recent survey, conducted by Freckleiot, taken among a wide range of people has revealed rather mixed results when it comes to Facebook’s level of trustworthiness among the average internet user.

The vast majority of the respondents to the survey (86% to be exact) felt that fake news was a serious problem on social media, one that needed to be addressed sooner rather than later. 81% also said that their mistrust of social media is directly connected to the incidents that occurred during the recent US election. This means that the dark cloud that has been hanging over Facebook’s head ever since that fateful election has yet to go away, and it is still having quite a serious impact on how users view this platform an all of the numerous benefits that it claims to offer.

Source: Freckle consumer survey (2019) | H/T: ML.

Another survey reveled, about fifty percent of all users have updated their privacy settings after seeing all of the data breaches that have been going around, and well over ten percent have gotten rid of their social media accounts altogether. This is something that shows how little people trust social media nowadays, and these numbers are just going to keep getting worse if big companies like Facebook don’t at least try to do something to set things right.

Some good news for Facebook is that 40% of all respondents thought that Facebook was the most trustworthy platform. That being said, 46% said that it was the least trustworthy, which shows just how all over the place Facebook’s reputation currently is.

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