What are the most hated email jargon at a professional place?

The most hated jargon that can annoy your co-worker is “Touch base,” according to 24 percent of the surveyed employees, as revealed in a Glassdoor survey in 2018. No brainer comes second, followed by punch a puppy and game-changer.

However, Adobe carried out another survey to know about the most annoying email jargons that people at work hate the most. People who are interested in annoying their co-worker and cannot let pass anyway to raise their temperature must include one of these jargons in their follow-up email.

The most annoying of all is to say that you are not sure whether the last email has been seen or not. It is the most annoying email jargon according to 25% of the workers involved in the survey.

Using the phrase “as per my last email” to repeat the previous email is considered annoying by 13 percent of the employees. “Per our conversation” and asking for updates are found equally annoying, by 11 percent of the people.

Around 10% of the people find apologizing for double meaning the most annoying. Whereas asking for advice by saying “please advice” and using the phrase “as previously stated” are also hated jargons (9 percent each).

Least but yet extremely annoying, according to 6% is “as discussed,” the same percentage as for the phrase “Re-attaching for convenience.”

Now it is up to employees whether they deliberately use it to annoy their colleagues or the innocent ones avoid to use it.

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