After Web, Google Maps Enable Street View Layer on Android App as well

Street View is beneficial in finding routes to your various destinations but also an exciting way of exploring new landmarks. The web version of Google maps has always been a better option for Street View experience, but the Android app has also been recently updated to match the standards.

On the Android app, users can get street view by either searching for it in the search bar or dropping a pin on any location on the map. On the other hand, on the web, users have to drag yellow “Pegman” mascot, and the map highlights parts of it where Street View is available.

This feature is now available on the Google Maps app for Android also. Clicking on the map layers Floating Action Button in the top-right corner shows a new “Explore” section to combine.

Map Type (Default, Satellite, Terrain) and Map Details (Transit, Traffic, Bicycling).

After applying the layer, areas for which Street View is available will turn blue. And by just tapping anywhere, users can get the Street View. Zooming in to the individual streets will show blue lines instead of streets and when zoomed out areas with more imagery will be shown with darker shades of blue. Areas with no Street View will show the original map type color of the location.

This is really helpful for having a general idea about where the Street View is available. It is also useful because users will know beforehand, where they can or cannot drop the pin. In most cities, they can drop the pin anywhere and it will be a useful guide and can also offer some interesting findings of the location. For example, the Bay Area has Street View of a ferry ride.

The new Street View layer is widely available on Google Maps 10.23.4 for Android. But it is not yet accessible on Google Maps for iOS.

Hat Tip: 9to5Google.

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