Twitter Calls Out Instagram for Gaining Notoriety with Screenshots of Tweets!

Nowadays, instead of surfing the Twitter feed to find the best tweets, many people turn to Instagram as screenshots of good tweets can be found posted there. Interestingly, Twitter doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Instagram for this reason.

Recently, Twitter’s official Instagram handle took a shot at Instagram users using screenshots of tweets to increase their account engagement. The shot we are talking about came in the form of a message which spanned six boxes and was a tweet referring to Instagram posts as screenshots of tweets. Twitter took permission of the user (who posted the tweet) before using it to call out Instagram. Moreover, Twitter’s Instagram Account is now also posting screenshots of different tweets.

Well, we can say that Twitter is late to the party as this approach of boosting the reach and engagement of Instagram Accounts through tweets has been in practice for quite some time now. Creators talked to media outlets about the screenshots of tweets looking funnier and more presentable on Instagram. A good tweet can get lost in the shuffle on the Twitter timeline in a short amount of time. It’s screenshot on Instagram however, might remain easy to spot for much longer.

Creator Cori Amato Hartwig, while speaking to The Verge, said that although she has an impressive following on Instagram which would make the people assume that her followers might follow her to Twitter as well, that’s not the case. Hartwig said that she could expect around 2,000 likes per post on Instagram but on Twitter, she wouldn’t expect a post to get more than two retweets and 20-30 likes.

Twitter’s recent behavior can be classified as smart. There’s not much effort required for the account to post the screenshot of tweets and it also makes them look “cool” at the same time, so it is a win-win.

Although one can say that the six-photo shot at Instagram’s platform and users was unnecessary, it was quite enjoyable and got the people talking. Thus, it can be said that it was a decent effort by Twitter to stir up the pot of controversy in a harmless manner.

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