Twitter Finally Introduces Customizable Lists that can be used as Alternative Timelines!

Rejoice Twitter users! The social networking service has finally incorporated customizable timelines on its iOS app. The new addition will allow users to create a maximum of five lists as alternative timelines in the main Twitter app and thus, they will be able to swipe easily between different lists directly from their home screens.

Although the feature was reportedly being tested in June, it has just been made public for iOS users. Twitter also posted a video to explain how users can quickly move from one list to another.

The new lists will make it easy for users to either construct timelines revolving around people with particular interests and hobbies (such as fans of a TV show, foodies etc.), or follow only a certain portion of their timelines, such as their co-workers.

It is interesting to note that the use of Twitter lists as alternative timelines isn’t new to the people, as many have already been using them on apps such as TweetDeck which display the lists in vertical feeds. Luckily for iOS users, the feature is now available in the Twitter app and placed side by side with the main timeline.

These lists follow the rules Twitter general has for lists. This means that users can publicize as well as privatize their lists. Following public lists built by other users is also an option. Additionally, people can block the users who have added them to a particular list, and thus remove themselves from it.

Although the new feature sounds quite exciting, Twitter isn’t done just yet as it is revamping the design of its list pages so they can feature header images and highlight the list members and subscribers.

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