Experience Gmail’s Dark Mode from Today

Not everyone is a fan of a white screen, some people like their screens in dark mode. So, to fulfill the needs of these consumers, Gmail is launching its “dark mode”. Google has introduced this new change that both iOS and Android users can enjoy.

You can easily activate the dark mode by going to the settings, selecting Settings then clicking on the “Theme” option. Other than this, if you have already selected the dark mode in you Android 10 or iOS 13 then Gmail will automatically adjust itself.

The new feature is not readily available in every location so if you don’t see this option right now, don’t worry as it will come pretty soon. The complete launch of the new feature might take 15 days or more on Apple and Google operating systems and devices.

Even though every other app is introducing their dark mode still, the main Google app and Google Maps still don’t have this feature added in them.

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