TikTok is planning to introduce more options for marketers to reach its off-platform user base

Through a native audience network, Tiktok is planning to generate revenue for advertisers who are trying to reach TikTok users, says the latest report.

This information was identified from recently released developer documents. Advertisers will be allowed, through audience network, to target users when they are on other social media apps.

It will let advertisers reach people other than the TikTok platform. The audience network will initially be tested in the East Asian market, and then it might also be introduced to US users, revealed Adweek.

There are two advertising options under discussion, either displaying full-page videos in other apps or displaying rewarded video ads that many free games have.

Though TikTok is increasingly becoming popular and its user base is growing, it is still unable to have an effective monetization system for its advertisers, like many other social media giants, including Facebook and Snapchat.

As per reports in June, Tiktok is already trying to introduce monetization option. The video-platform is reportedly experimenting with how in-app ads will be used to target users by analyzing their activities on the browser.

Presently, the primary source of TikTok revenue is in-app purchases. Users buy digital currency after which they are allowed to unlock premium features to improve their content on the platform. So far, TikTok managed to generate $75 million by selling its digital currency.

In-feed ads are another way for the video sharing app to earn money, along with sponsored challenges. However, they are part of the beta test and is available to only a few selected agencies.

Hopefully, TikTok will soon come up with monetization process, which is the most reliable way to retain users.

Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images

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