Now companies will be selling sponsored products directly on TikTok

TikTok is the largest short-form video platform that contains a majority of teenage users. On this platform, different users create unique videos with music or dialogues to engage a variety of audience. To help its users to earn revenue, earlier TikTok introduced the feature of paid reactions or gifts to live videos. This feature helped all type of musers to generate more revenue on the app but this was just a single step. Later on, different brands started sponsoring products to the video creators to generate leads. Previously, viewers would see sponsored products on the TikTok videos and then search it on Google to get the desired products. Eventually, some users will end up buying the same products while others fail to even find it. So to help brands get more leads within the platform, Now TikTok will be offering in-app purchases for the sponsored products.

In any of the viral challenges on TikTok, if you like any of the sponsored products, You can simply purchase the product without leaving the app. According to the report by TechCrunch, TikTok just launched a new feature called Hashtag Challenge Plus. The companies who sponsor products to influencers on TikTok can now directly sell products to the app’s users with this new feature.

The first company to test this new feature was Kroger (an American retailing company). In a #TransformUrDorm challenger, users were asked to post before and after videos of their dorm makeovers and between those videos they were also offered sponsored products by Kroger through a customized page of the brand on TikTok app. This hashtag has now more than 447 million views and is used in hundreds of videos on TikTok.

Nowadays, potential customers tend to trust influencers more than the brands itself. So, different companies collaborate with young influencers on TikTok just to attract a variety of audience. Some music labels ask influencers to use their specific music in the videos whereas Sephora and TooFaced also launched different campaigns on the TikTok app just to advertise their beauty brands via this new viral platform.

Bottom Line

TikTok is a platform full-of teenagers and for any company to succeed the Youth helps a lot. This new feature of TikTok is a help to make its platform also a part of e-commerce industry. Although TikTok celebrated its first anniversary we are looking forward to this platform to reach international standards due to its prime youth audience. TikTok was the only social media platform where the young people were free from any sort of advertising companies but with the new sponsored hashtags features and customized brand pages, we think it is about to change.

Photo: Thomas Trutschel | Photothek | Getty Images

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