Twitter CEO’s account was hacked and this was not the first time

The official Twitter account of Jack Dorsey was hacked on Friday and afternoon and it came into notice when his account tweeted n-word and anti-Semitic remarks. According to Twitter Communication Team, it was confirmed that someone accessed his Mobile device’s SIM.

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms where users are free enough to share their thoughts without the fear of being judged. Nowadays, People rely on social media platforms as a go-to source of information and also depend on these platforms to perform a variety of tasks. The only thing users’ fear of social platforms is the access to their personal information illegally. No one wants to be a part of a platform where the user data is not secured. If the account of Twitter’s CEO was compromised then how can others account be secured?

Twitter’s CEO account hacked

On Friday, the official account of the CEO of Twitter was hacked and it was even used to post racial comments and even a threat of a bomb attack as well. Around 1 P.M. in San Francisco on Friday, the official account of Jack Dorsey tweeted a series of an informal chat and retweets in which one was specifically noticed as it stated: “follow me I am jacks daddy”. The account later on also shared posts including racist comments and also an indication of a bomb threat direct at the headquarters of Twitter. The tweets were removed within 20 minutes of publication.

How can some access the Account of Twitter’s CEO?

According to the Twitter, the account of Jack Dorsey was compromised due to security ignorance of his mobile provider. The association of Jack phone number with the account allowed an unauthorized person to send tweets through a text message from the phone number.

Dorsey’s account was compromised when an unauthorized person gained access to his mobile phone number and with access to the phone number the hacker easily accessed social media apps associated with his phone number. With access to user’s personal information, any hacker can call the victim’s carrier customer service to move the data of mobile account to some other SIM card.

Response from Twitter

The team of Twitter declined to comment on the whereabouts of any other access of hackers to Dorsey’s personal information like his direct messages or access to other social media channels.

The compromised tweets of Dorsey’s account were posted on Twitter through an app named Cloudhopper which in late 2010 was acquired by Twitter and enables users to tweets based on SMS. The platform Twitter was always surrounded by scandals and faced a lot of police hate and abuse on its platform as well. In 2017, Twitter modified its login verification to secure a user’s account by adding an authenticator app to add another layer of security to user account security along with SMS text messages.

The Friday incident reminded us about the incident of November 2017 in which Trump’s account went offline for 11 minutes and the contractor of Twitter was the one who did that.

There is a history of Twitter and the number of accounts hacked on the platform. Users now feel less secure with the recent incident of Dorsey.

This access to Dorsey’s account by a hacker is not the first time. In July 2016, his account was also hacked by a hacker named OurMine. These incidents show us that even the account of Twitter’s CEO is as vulnerable as any ordinary user so Twitter should better start working on the security of the platform.

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