LinkedIn can help you with anything your new venture needs

The Network of LinkedIn provides services like helping marketers with websites, copywriter to write stories, career coach to nail your next job interview. The LinkedIn network helps users find someone who can help.

LinkedIn introducing new set of tools in order to help find the right service provides to get the job done.

Search for Service providers

Won’t it be nice to search for the providers of services and freelancers and end up with a response from folks who can not only help you but also someone who could easily give feedback on the work of users and even help to extend introduction to users as well?

Well, this is where LinkedIn comes to the rescue. Now, when you search in the search tab for LinkedIn you can also filter the results by the type of service providers you need like if you’re looking for someone with graphic design service you can simply search "graphic design" and filter by the service provider. With this search category, you’ll find a response from providers that have stated that they’re open for business and according to the requirements you need.

The profiles of service providers will display the details about the services they provide, their experience and mutual connections. If some displays ‘open for business’ then users can easily message them regarding the services they need.

Asking your circle for Recommendations

People usually rely on the word of mouth, the same way people ask friends for recommendations for a new clothing store or a colleague for recommendations on a new company project. Similar to that, users of LinkedIn have also been asking professional network for recommendations whenever they need some service providers to hire. These referrals also help you to find a job opportunity, according to research, more than 51% of business leaders hired a freelancer through recommendations and 36% of them found providers through social networking platforms.

To help the people on LinkedIn, the team simplified the process to make the recommendations faster. According to Gaurav Vijayvargiya, the team of LinkedIn is working on rolling out a new way to quickly ask network and the larger LinkedIn community for referrals on who can help to get the required work done. Similar to the button to create a post on LinkedIn, the platform recently added a new button to help users through steps to ask the network for service provider recommendations. This button can be found on iOS and Android devices as well.

To search for required service providers on LinkedIn, follow the following steps.

· Open the app on your mobile phone, click the share box to create a new post and later on press the button ‘Find an Expert’

· Fill the required information regarding the type of provider you need, it is really important to include the details of the project and expectations so that the most relevant results show up and this information post will automatically fill out a draft post to share.

· Re-check the post and make sure every information is exactly what you need before publishing. LinkedIn also inserted some additional relevant hashtags to help to make the post get discovered more easily.

· Share the post you created and now with the new feature by LinkedIn, you can also select the audience you want to display your posts to. You can also choose whether you want recommendations from the network or need to share your post to the public. After sharing the post, the selected audience will be able to see your post and either comment directly on the post or message you to share recommendations privately.

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