Facebook is working on a portable TV streaming device [Report]

After a Fire Stick for Amazon, Facebook is also working on a similar streaming device that would be attached to TV to view online content on it. The latest streaming hardware would belong to the Portal devices’ family of the company, along with a camera, allowing video chatting to be viewed on TV and Augmented Reality (AR), as per the reports.

Netflix, HBO, and Disney have been contacted by the social media giant to ask about adding their content on the new device that in the development phase. According to Variety Media, it will be based on Android’s customized version with a speaker, a microphone, and a camera.

Instead of competing with Roku or Fire TV with its new streaming device, Facebook is planning to revolve around video chatting through its Portal platform. Some of the earlier reports expected the device to be fitted on top of the TV to be able to capture the room for video calling.

Also, the updated version of ‘Portal,’ a video chatting device, will be launched by the company by the end of this year.

To hint at the working of the device, the Vice President of Facebook’s AR and VR, Andrew Bosworth said the company would soon break the news about the Portal in fall.

In October 2018, Portal was launched costing $199 for the smaller device having 10-inches display, whereas the larger device “Portal Plus” was sold for $349 with 15 inches display.

The smart device with a front camera has voice assistant Alexa, of Amazon, as Facebook does not have its own so far.

Photo: AP

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