LinkedIn is adding auto-generated alt tags to already uploaded images on the platform

A few months back, LinkedIn allowed manual alt-text tagging option for images that are already uploaded. It was to help vision-impaired users with improving their experience on the platform. It also helped other users to find relevant posts on LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn started focusing on its visuals, it came into competition with other social platforms. Now the professional social media platform is growing its alt text capacity by introducing a process that automatically generates alt text.

Social media expert, Matt Navarra, shared the screenshot showing how this would look like.

This update is expected to increase the accessibility and make sure that the audience on the platform can see maximum updates from fellow users or the people they are connected with.

LinkedIn is adding alt text to all images, whether the users have added or not, and this will let increase the search results as more relevant content will be displayed.

Though alt text would be an extra factor in searching and showing the matching results, the important thing is how accurate the auto-captions will be and how LinkedIn will use them. Like if a person posts about car and LinkedIn can identify it within the image, a user might expect that it would become much relevant for people searching about this topic.

It is yet to see whether LinkedIn use these tags other than improving the user experience. However, meanwhile, users must check the image tags and ensure that the auto-generated tags match the context of the post.

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