Snapchat’s new Ads Library helps users understand how political organizations spend money on its platform

Snapchat recently launched its new Political Ads Library to display more transparency for its users.

Snapchat is one of the largest social platforms with popularity among young users so political organizations using the app to spread their messages to potential voters in something we all were expecting to happen. With the new launch political ad library by Snapchat, political organizations could easily promote their messages to potential users via this platform and also influence them to vote in their support during the upcoming election.

Snapchat is the only platform that has always been safe from any privacy scandals that other social networks fall into. Most of the other social media platforms were used and misused by politically affiliated groups and this new addition of political library by Snapchat might just be the beginning of a rising scandal. This addition of political organizations on the platform is pretty important to notice because this reveals how a variety of political groups are approaching the app.

Snapchat's new Political Ads Library can help user in viewing and downloading the advertising data in form of spreadsheet. Although this new library is not as advanced as other political options available on a variety of other platforms but the listing on Snapchat includes all political and issue-based ads that can help users research further. The archives of Snapchat reveals the name and address of the person who sponsored the ads and also other details like run date, money spent, ad impressions as well. Snapchat created its first archive of ads in 2018 and there’s another ongoing archive for 2019 which includes the detailed insight of ads sold and run globally.

The new listing provided by Snapchat is aimed to provide more transparency to users and to make sure that political groups are not using Snapchat as a medium to manipulate potential voters. If you take a look at the listing from the marketing perspective, you’ll also get information about potential groups using Snapchat to connect with young voters on the platform.

Although the spreadsheet requires a little work to match each and every data points but the listing provided by Snapchat includes a URL of each ad so that users can preview it. From the perspective of ad research, these new listings will help users reveal a detailed poll data of potential impacts of these campaigns on users.

Although these listing provided by Snapchat are not as advanced as provided on Facebook and Twitter but for a detailed insight on the younger audience groups, this listing can be resourceful. According to Matthew Kobach, the majority of candidates for 2020 Election have created Snapchat accounts, just to know the potential importance of the platform. So let’s see how these new listings turn out in the upcoming months.

Snapchat Political Ads Library

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