Snapchat Is Experimenting with Snapcode Sticker to Connect with Friends and Subscribers

Reverse Engineer, Jane Manchun Wong in her tweet claimed that Snapchat is working on a Snapcode sticker, she discovered about the feature by playing with the back-end code of the app.

With the help of this sticker, the users will be able to add their friends on Snapchat quickly by simply scanning the user’s Snapcode through their camera.

No design has been presented by Snapchat as the project is still in its early development stages; however, the first sighting of the upcoming feature is clear in Wong's tweet.

Anyone can add this sticker on their story so that people can easily scan it and add more friends, thus, increasing the chances of extra exposure. Also, it is more convenient to add friends through a simple click.

Snapchat has not released a date for the launch of this sticker but it’s expected to roll out with the music sharing feature of Snapchat.

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Featured photo: Getty Images
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