Social Media Platforms Take Steps to Remove Violent Content After Criticism

Social media platforms come under criticism these days for a wide variety of things. One thing in particular that they have been criticized about is their role in helping violent offenders including the New Zealand Broadchurch Mosque shooter and terrorist live stream his attacks and overall becoming a platform that allows extremist views to thrive and violent tendencies to be propagated among people that might have similar opinions on matters.

In response to this, a wide variety of social media platforms have taken steps to prevent such disasters from happening again at any point in the future. Facebook claims that it has reduced the amount of time it takes to remove a violent video after it has been posted by a drastic amount. It now takes 12 seconds for the algorithm to locate and remove a video that contains any form of real life violence in it which according to Facebook executives is a 90% decrease from how long it used to take before.

Facebook is also going to start banning users from its live stream feature if they violate terms and conditions by showing real life violence or using it to spread any hate filled, extremist or terror related content. It should be noted however that the ban is only going to be temporary, which has lead some to say that stricter measures need to be taken in order to actually make a difference and prevent such content from being spread around on social media.

Twitter has also stated that it has taken steps to remove about a million and a half accounts that were associated with the spreading of terrorism related messages through its platform. According to Twitter executives, 90% of all accounts that were associated with terrorist activities have been suspended, something that would be a welcome change after the recent spreading of terrorist content using social media platforms.

Photo: Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

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