Now you don’t have to leave Snapchat to find latest stories - there might be an addition of news tab

People pretty much rely on social networks to do a variety of tasks and companies take these opportunities by offering services to engage users more on their platforms. Each and every social media platform attempt to provide a variety of features just to keep the platform interesting for users so that they spend more time on the apps.

Snapchat is one of the popular social apps among young people, a variety of people use this social app to communicate with close friends and family via pictures or to check daily life stories of celebrities. Over the past years, Snapchat modified a lot in order to make the platform space for all type of users. Now on Snapchat, you cannot just see stories of celebrities but users can also play games or watch stories of latest trending clothing styles as well.

Snapchat soon to launch its very own news tab

In the earlier versions of Snapchat there was no news tab, so users who wanted any news had to switch from Snapchat to other apps but not anymore. Now users of Snapchat don’t have to leave their apps in order to get the daily dose of news. Snapchat is attempting to bring news on the platform.

According to The Information, Snapchat is in early talks with publishers to provide a specified news tab for users in Discover. Although there is no official news on the exact partners and the tools used to build it but reportedly Snapchat will be making the news tab live in 2020.

The modifications in the Discover were always a topic of discussion for Snapchat so according to the report users don’t have to look through entertainment stories to search for news on the platform. Snapchat will be providing a specific section for news to make it more easy for users to find news and some publishers might also participate in that as well.

Although Snapchat is growing in terms of its user engagements but this new feature of news tab might provide some extra support to the platform. As compared to Instagram, Snapchat is still way behind and losing tons of money so a new appealing news tab might make more people engaged to use the platform and this might also attract new users who are always looking for dedicated news section along with their friend selfie stories.

This new feature of news tab might be the key step that Snapchat was missing out in an attempt to indulge more users on the platform so we are really excited and looking forward to its official launch.

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