Snapchat Rules Over Instagram But For How Long?

Person-to-person messaging still gives an additional advantage to Snapchat over Instagram. According to the reports by Cowen, users mostly use Snapchat for direct communication over any other application.

The question here to ask is, for how long Snapchat can maintain this supremacy? Since the privacy scandals started to surround Facebook, they have shifted towards “pivot to privacy” that has the potential of challenging Snapchat in the long run.

Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, successfully cloned the photo-sharing feature by Snapchat but Snapchat still holds one distinct place in the hearts of its users.

Cowen reports have clearly depicted that Snapchat is attracting many users towards person-to-person messaging as compared to Instagram.

Cowen conducted a survey on the American consumer internet users and questioned around 2,500 respondents regarding web usage and trends on app. The survey was done to question the “use-cases” of respondents about Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Snapchat, who is the inventor of photo-stories, was dwarfed by Instagram as 78% of users responded that Instagram use-case was viewing photos, while, 64% answered Snapchat to be the one.

Despite it, Snapchat was found to be on top of Instagram in case of “sharing content one to one”. The results showed that 46% selected Snapchat for this purpose; whereas, only 33% responded with Instagram.

Instagram, although cloned the story feature of Snapchat, there are still some features of Snapchat that Instagram cannot replicate.

Facebook is now trying to ensure their “pivot to privacy” by making their messaging apps more interoperable along with adding end-to-end encryption.

These new features by Instagram might shift the attention of people towards using Instagram DMs for picture sharing.

Cowen's data illustrates that Instagram stories format has eroded usage of Snapchat stories, if Facebook is successful in ensuring "pivot to privacy" then the same could also occur in messaging too.

Snapchat still has one key advantage over Instagram i.e. one to one private messaging, but that could soon change

H/T: Business Insider.

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