Reddit’s new update is meant to help advertisers with user engagement growth

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platform that is famous for its web content rating and discussion for its users. On this network, users can post any sort of link, text posts and images and can get it voted up or down by other members as well.

Recently, Reddit published a blog post announcing its mobile landing pages, sizes and some new updates with the launch of optional referral URLs for video advertisements as well. The new options in the size of the landing pages can help advertisers to reuse the content from other platforms without worrying to resize it according to Reddit format sizes.

Recently, Reddit announced three new updates of ads on video formats and along with it some new mobile landing page experience with the addition of more aspect ratios for ad sizes, plus, the platform will also be offering some optional referral URLs for its cost per view (CPV) campaigns.

New mobile landing pages for video ads

The aim behind the new mobile landing pages for video ads is to provide a better viewing experience for users without any sort of efforts. Whenever a user will click on an in-feed video ad on Reddit’s mobile app, they will be effortlessly redirected to the website where the advertised video will be played effortlessly along with other information of product from the advertiser.

The mobile landing pages will be enabled to play all variety of mobile video ads without any interruption and it will help the platform with more engagement, completion and conversion rates.

New video sizes for all types

With Reddit’s new update, advertisers will have aspect ratios options of not only 16:9 and 4:3 video ads but the platform will now all be providing them the options of 1:1 square and 4:5 vertical video sizes. With the update in the aspect ratios, advertisers can now utilize any video ads from other platforms to Reddit without worrying about recreating the content specifically according to the Reddit video ads.

New options for advertise to increase CPV campaigns

Reddit recently introduced more optional referral URLs for CPV campaigns and we think this will really help advertisers with the ability to include referral URLs within their campaigns to have more optimized views. According to Reddit, the aim behind the new option is to enable advertisers with the ability to deliver clean viewing experience to users and also driving more video views for their ad campaigns.

Bottom Line

Since last year update in the site of Reddit, it has been seeing an increase in page views and user engagements on the website and app. So with the completion of its redesign now the platform will be offering more comprehensive advertisements for marketers as it has been trying to engage more advertisers over the past year. These new updates in the video sizes, landing pages formats will help provide brands more options to post their video ads on the platform and according to the recent report by Reddit it is working to build its first video engineering team to test and modify the video ad products that the platform offers to a variety of potential customers. So these new updates are something that will help not just advertisers but also the customers as well.

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