How Brands Can Use Social Media to Influence Consumers

The world of social media has made the landscape that brands operate in very different from what they used to be, so much so that it is quite surprising to see the number of brands that have managed to communicate with users on the basis of their social media accounts. However, more in depth knowledge is required surrounding how brands engage with consumers if this engagement is going to be optimized in any significant way and turned into something that you can use for the furtherance of your own brand’s goals.

One way in which brands can communicate with consumers is that they can use their social media platforms as a kind of avenue that consumers can use to get in touch with someone if they have a complaint or a query. This is great because of the fact that there used to be quite a significant communication barrier between brands and their customers, but this communication barrier no longer exists and thus consumers are able to much more easily look into the impact that brands can end up having on their own personal lives by asking all the right questions.

Another way in which brand interaction with consumers is influential is by allowing brands to reach these consumers in the first place. Social media has quickly become one of the most popular ways for brands and marketing agencies to advertise to people, mostly due to the numerous options that allow you to zero in on those customers that you feel are relevant to the products that you are supplying, not to mention the wide variety of demographic identifiers that social media platforms offer to you when you are attempting to use them for the purposes of reaching the right consumers.

As far as the previous two points are concerned, nearly all social media users that follow some brands usually interact with them at some point or another. Additionally, a survey indicated that two thirds of consumers decided to buy a product or become interested in a brand after they saw an ad on social media, thereby proving the importance of social media in creating a bridge between brands and the people that are going to be paying for their products and services at the end of the day.

Gender is also something that brands need to take into account. A study by TheManifest has suggested that men and women use social media in different ways, so brands need to take this into account when they are trying to make it so that the people that they are marketing to get ads that are relevant to their interests. However, one grave error that a lot of brands are making has to do with over generalization in this area. Men and women have slightly different habits while using social media but there is a significant overlap in this regard as well which should be taken into account when creating gender neutral ads.

Facebook tends to have more female users than male, but discounting the male users would prevent you from accessing about forty five percent of all users on the social media platform. This should tell you that generalizations of how genders use social media should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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