Most Downvoted Comment On Reddit By EA Games Made It to The Guinness Book of World Record

In the world of social media, the only way to ensure the validation from society is likes, comments, retweets, shares, votes, and downvotes. This is the reason every now and then, people talk about the most subscribed channel, most retweeted tweets or most liked comment however, this time story is completely different. Reddit has finally made it to Guinness Book of World Record but not for a positive reason. The company made it to Guinness book of world record because of the most downvoted comment that was published on the platform during 2017.

Back in 2017, when Star Wars Battlefront II was released by EA Games, it received an overwhelming response. However, soon the game started receiving criticism from the players because of the loot boxes feature. With the help of this feature, the players were forced to unlock different characters of the game and in order to unlock these characters, they were asked to pay. The only issue was that players were trying it hard to understand why they were asked to play for unlocking the characters when they have already paid for the game. The loot box became one of the most hated game features and people started sharing their concerns and bad reviews about the game.

To address the issue officially, EA games took to Reddit and tried to explain the feature of loot boxes and defended their decision. This comment received so many downvotes that it was considered as one of the most downvoted comment. However, according to the actual stats, the comment received 683,000 downvotes which have now been declared as the most downvoted comment according to Guinness book of world record. The second most downvoted comment gained only 88,906 downvotes which explain that the loot box comment won by a great margin. Although we are not sure if this is good news for EA games or Reddit but we are glad that Reddit is finally becoming as mainstream as other social media platforms. The only thing is that maybe, to become as huge as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, Reddit might need to work hard to get to the level of other social media and tech giants.

Photo: Amsha / Reddit.

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