Pinterest is Ready to Replace Leading Fashion Platforms with Exciting New Features

Instagram is known to be the heaven for fashion, celebrities, brands, and influencer whereas, Pinterest is a place to seek ideas and motivation to design things. According to recent news, Pinterest is going to roll out new features which might change the way users shop. Experts are also expecting that with these features Instagram might lose its fame for shopping, fashion and inspiration however, others are still doubtful about the drastic effect this feature will have on users. The effect might not be too drastic but this new feature seems quite promising and might even change the user performance when it comes to online shopping.

With the help of the newly introduced features, users will be able to view shop the look ads and see the new collection in the mobile app. This is specially designed for the fashion-related business profiles so they can revamp their business accounts and expand their catalogs. This features will allow the users to see organic shopping ads in more countries.

With the help of the new “shop the look” feature, the user will be able to see multiple products within the same ad and this will open up like a catalog where up to 25 items can be added. User will land on preview showcases and they can simply click to see more. The shopper can also land on the retailer site for shopping as these images will be linked directly to the site.
Pinterest is introducing new ways to make its platform a destination for advertisers to get their products in front of Pinners while making the platform more shoppable. Pinterest announces Shop the Look ads in a new collections format for mobile. It’s a way for retailers to feature multiple products within a single ad unit where Pinners can discover products and click to checkout on the brands site.
For the beginning steps, the new feature will roll out in America in few months, this feature will be an organic shopping feature which means that neither shopper, not the brand has to pay anything to shop or display advertisement. However, in the future, this same feature will be available in other countries including the UK, Brazil, Germany, France, and Japan. Now users can not only customize the profile covers but also add videos and image to it. The new messaging feature will also help the brand in providing quick customer support and feedback.

The new dynamic the profile has been designed to bring brands pins and products front and center and with the help of this design. User can now view dedicated shop tab that will help the shopper to shop staying within the profile and also help them direct to brand site.

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