Facebook to Fight against Envy, Hides the Overall Likes Count on Posts

Social media was created so that everyone can let theirselves out, reach their loved-ones, and all the positive reasons. However, nowadays, everyone is posting pictures, videos, stories, and other stuff on Facebook to get reach, likes, and comments. How do you think it will affect others?

If someone’s friend is getting more likes than them, chances are they start to feel left out. Getting envious of one another and trying harder to make themselves famous on the Internet. Well, getting envious is not healthy and getting famous not always gets you in a good space. So what should Facebook do to cater to it?

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is starting to hide the likes count on posts, starting from its release in Australia, from 27th September. The creator of the post can see the likes but not the count, yes this is how it works from now on!

We know that Facebook had been working on this feature for quite a long time, which works parallel with the Instagram’s own hidden like count test. Facebook commented on it that they are currently working to check if the new feature will somehow affect the lives of the social media users. Started with only few countries, if the results are successful then the test will roll out to all the regions.

According to Facebook, they want people to focus on the quality of the content rather than sharing stuff to get more likes or comments on their photos. The tests are mainly run by News Feed team working under VP Fidji Simo over the Facebook app.

The users can still see some of the faces that liked their post in the likes count but will not get the actual likes count. However, they can always click on the likes and start counting but that will take a lot of time! If people are made feel less insecure about themselves on social media then they might feel free to post anything on their profile.

Another good aspect of this feature will be to cater to the herd engagement on posts. People will actually click like button when they like something instead of liking something because it has more likes or because everyone in your list likes it.

Why Facebook will introduce such a thing? Many studies have reported the negative impact that the Facebook can impose on the users. Where liking lead people to feel envious, likes or chatting with friends made them feel better. So stop comparing and start being happy!

With so many positive results, this new feature might be troublesome for pages that depend on herd mentality or extra engagement on their posts. However, well-being of users must come first to everything and hence, this new upgrade. If this Likes hiding works out, Facebook can get back their reputation in no time!

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