With new Lens released by Pinterest, users can now get more quick results

Now with Pinterest’s Lens, you can easily get more than 2.5 billion results of home and fashion objects. In 2017, Pinterest launched its Lens in beta version as an offline/online tool to help users identify objects captured from Pins or by smartphones and display results of suggestions to relevant themes and products. More than 600 million searches performed with Pinterest’s mobile apps used this new search lens. Now With the new update in this search tool, Pinterest will be providing new features in the lens to help perform searches from photos. The new feature in this search tool will help users with shoppable Pins like Pins with products, price, and a link to directly checkout. According to a blog post by Pinterest, now the lens would detect more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion pins which will also include nails, sunglasses, tattoos, wedding dresses, etc. If you compare the detection of objects by this lens you’ll realize that Pinterest is offering 1.5 billion more products as compared to Google Lens.

Technology is updating every passing second, so this new feature in Lens is another step by Pinterest towards a new future. Now users can easily upload a picture of any object from the camera and search for it on Pinterest and the results will include millions of relevant objects and recommendations across Pinterest.

With the modified Lens launched by Pinterest, now users can easily turn pictures capture from camera or saved in the gallery into Pins and share them on the platform. The new modified Lens will also recommend results related to the pictures and also other relevant products available in the real world. When a user will use this new Lens as a fashion or home Pin, the results will display shoppable product Pins along with links and idea to try or buy relevant products.
"We’ll continue making visual search updates to help you search outside the box. These latest improvements are rolling out on Android today and on iOS in the coming weeks.", announced Pinterest team in a newsroom post.
According to Pinterest, more than 80% of users of Pinterest prefer searching visually when shopping a product as compared to 58% of non-Pinners. According to a servery conducted in March by CSpace Visual Search, 49% of Pinterest users say that the visual search helps them get wide results for brands, while 61% say visual search helps them with in-store browsing. The latest updates in the search Lens helps users to easily search for inspiration on the platform and also to find a relevant product from the real world as well.

According to our sources, more than 59% of 18-34 years-old users prefer discovering new products on Pinterest so it is of no wonder that Pinterest’s initial aim would be towards brands. According to Oracle Data Cloud survey, the users of Pinterest spend 29% more on shopping as compared to non-users.

Lens Your Look was a feature revealed by Pinterest in 2017 to help users take a picture of some clothing item and find relevant options on the platform. This Lens became fully automated last month and the upgrade also expanded with the product buying and selling capabilities which enables its users to easily convert search results Pins into shoppable Pins. Results of recommendations related to the searched Pins of related products displayed by brands can now be turned into shoppable Pins that would enable users to directly purchase the desired product while being on the platform.

Upgrading Lens for more online to offline inspiration

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