Pinterest is working on a Dark Mode for its mobile users

One aspect of various social media platforms competing against one another is that they often tend to adopt new features that competitors are offering quite quickly in order to stay on par with them and entice users into moving over to their platforms.

One aspect of this feature war that is currently going on has to do with the dark mode, a theme that basically darkens all of the colors in the background of a particular apps’s user interface in order to make it easier for them to use the platform and night without harming their sleep cycle quite as much due to all of the bright colors that they are seeing which have been scientifically proven to make it harder for you to sleep on time.

Pinterest is one social media platform that has been seen as an underdog for quite some time, but as of late it has been coming up quite fast and has emerged as a surprise contender for social media users that are jaded by the Facebook monopoly and are looking for something a little different to spend their time on. Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong‏ has discovered that Pinterest is working on a dark mode for its mobile users in an attempt to further cement their place as a best social media platform and give users something that they can use as an alternative to some of the more mainstream platforms that are out there.

Pinterest used to be rather underrated as a social media platform due to its emphasis on niche markets, but the content discovery network has been attempting to broaden its appeal by changing its user interface and adding as many features as possible into the mix. The addition of a dark mode is just another example of this, and it might just help bring a few more people into their userbase and expand their operations by a significant margin.

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