Google Search team admits that they cannot determine the accuracy of content

Apart from fresh and relevant content, Google search algorithms depend on several factors. Although we are not sure regarding Google’s penalizing method but we have seen many websites get de-ranked in search engines due to fake or irrelevant content while websites with authentic information are usually found in the topmost ranks.

Up until now, we simply believed that Google has a ‘secret’ method in place to determine the accuracy of the content that also controls its search engine rankings.

However, in a recent Twitter thread, Google’s Danny Sullivan exclaimed that Google does not determine the accuracy of the content. Instead, they rely on signals that align with the relevancy of the topic and its authority. According to the tweets made by Sullivan on September 9 and 10, machines can’t tell the accuracy of the content. And sometimes humans cannot as well. This is why they primarily focus on determining authority.

We always knew Google had complex algorithms in place. But the recent information conveyed by Sullivan twists our understanding further.
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