LinkedIn is testing a new App Lock Feature to make its users more secured

The users of social media platforms are growing every day. Different companies try out new strategies to provide unique experience for its users to help bring a change in their life. We are the generation of digital and social media platforms. Along with so much ease for users, these mediums can sometimes be a risk for someone’s privacy as well. We often use social media apps on regular basis and most of the time in a hurry mode or unintentionally sometimes we forget to leave our phone unintended, this gives lurkers the opportunity to easily access our apps and easily access all sorts of personal and professional information from those apps.

LinkedIn is a professional platform that provides services to clients and employees as well. So accessing someone’s information on this platform can be a great threat to its financial accounts as well. To reduce the risk of access from snoopers, LinkedIn is testing a new feature on its app to help users with a more secure environment. It is expected that LinkedIn may add an app lock feature to benefit users when they leave devices unattended. The core purpose behind this feature is to make user’s information on this professional network more secure and to prevent others from accessing that info.

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong (an app researcher) spotted this unreleased feature in LinkedIn app.

For now, it seems the app is testing this feature and using fingerprint as the only verification method. This app lock feature immediately closes the app when left unattended. This feature can be activated immediately or after 5, 15 or 30 minutes of idle time.

This app lock feature lacks any PIN code or password which makes this feature more secure and difficult to access easily. If this feature extends to iOS app it is expected to use the operating system’s built-in biometric verification features like Face ID or Touch ID. This app lock feature is accessible via the Account section on the settings page.

Bottom Line

There is no official response from LinkedIn regarding App Lock feature but we are hoping that the company will soon shed some light about this new feature on its blog. This feature can be an effective tool for people who wish to have a secure environment for their professional data and would definitely appreciate if LinkedIn releases it officially.

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