Danny Sullivan of Google directly replied to adverse claims by DuckDuckGo

Unexpectedly, Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan responded directly to the negative claims made by DuckDuckGo.

Recently DuckDukGo (DDG) tweeted video against Facebook and Google, sharing five reasons why users should stop using these platforms. It also mentioned that everyone knows how they collect data and sell it.

The five reasons that given were in the video by DDG:

1. Hyper-targeted ads

2. Discriminations and propaganda

3. The filter bubble

4. User data saved and then shared with third-parties

5. Collected user data sold to advertisers for targeted ads.

Sullivan, in his reply, said filter bubbles by Google do not manipulate search results on assuming what user might click on. Neither different results are shown to different users who search the same thing at the same time, as it happens on DuckDuckGo.

Last year in December, Sullivan tweeted something similar when DuckDuckGo claimed about Google developing filter bubble.

One of the Tweeter users pointed that Sullivan has only talked about one reason out of the five. Sullivan mentioned that he only spoke about the area that he works in. In case anyone wants to control the data collected by Google, they can delete the location history as well as activity data using a new tool.

Duck Duck Go has not yet responded to Sullivan’s reply. It is doubtful if they ever would or not.

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