Are companies using old (and vulnerable) operating system of Windows?

Surprisingly, a large number of companies are still using older versions of Windows. The news came just when Microsoft was planning to permanently shut down Windows 7.

Spiceworks conducted a research that reveals that around 32% of companies are still using Windows XP in their organizations. The number was 42% in 2017.

Similarly, almost 79% of the companies surveyed admitted to using Windows 7 – down from 84% in 2017.

Microsoft exited support for Windows XP on April 2014, after remaining in its fleet for 13 years. The tech giant is also planning to end support for Windows 7 this year. The operating system was launched in 2009.

Since both these operating systems are expired (or on the verge of it), they don’t get any security updates or patches for vulnerabilities. In their report, Spiceworks greatly emphasizes on this and says that so many companies are still using outdated and perhaps vulnerable machines. In fact, the research team finds this an alarming situation for the companies using these operating systems.

Luckily, 67% of the companies still using Windows 7 on their devices claim that they plan to move towards a newer version of Windows by January 2020 while 25% of them said that they would upgrade well after the OS version sees the end of its days.

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