Now Android and Web Users will get their queries answered right in the address bar on Google Chrome

Android and Desktop users will now enjoy a new update of Google Chrome that will answer the question without actually having to submit a query. When the user will type the query in the search bar, the answers will pop up in the section beneath along with other recommended queries.

The new change will provide utmost convenience to the users and will have a positive and long-term implications on the search landscape.

This new update is like going from zero-click searches to zero-query answers. In this way, the users will get what they want without having to enter their queries at all.

The new change will have an impact on the publishers as well who normally rank in mobile searches for the search query in Chrome’s address bar.

The search volume will increase significantly as the people will upgrade their Chrome to the latest version. Thanks to the availability of this feature on Android and desktop.

According to Margret Schmidt Senior Director Product Management and User Experience, Chrome, in the next update, Chrome will also allow users to manage their tabs with more efficiency. Users could easily organize their tabs in group or could send the tab from Chrome to desktop or from Chrome on Android.
"There’s also a new way to group tabs on your Android device, which helps you keep track of the tabs that are open. To do this, drag and drop one tab on top of another in the new tab grid layout. After opening one of the grouped tabs, you can easily switch between the tabs in the group using the new tab switcher at the bottom of your screen.", announced Google in a blog post.

In upcoming updates, Chrome application on desktop will allow users to change its color scheme. Google suggests that these new updates will be launched in fall. Chrome team also announced that soon its users can preview their opened tabs by hovering over them. However, for now users can only see the page title, and soon they’ll be able to see a thumbnail of that page too.

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