Google is adding a new feature in its Search category and we are excited about it!

Almost each and every person relying on tech for all type of tasks. Now people want to save time and their energy and that is why they tend to move more towards the apps. Digital platforms offer users the ability to purchase new products or to look for any trending gadgets all just by sitting at home and tapping on smartphones. We pretty much feel lazy to get up, get ready and then go to the market to purchase a product and marketers took this laziness as their advantage and introduce us with more services that can help perform our majority of tasks while us sitting at home.

Google is one of the largest social platforms that help millions of users find the most relevant results for their queries. From minor tasks like looking for a presentation of a specific topic to major tasks like purchasing products through authenticated sites, Google helps us in all. Google is the largest online platform that offers its services and products like digital assistants to help bring ease in the life of its users.

New update in Google Search

Almost each and every internet-savvy person search on Google before looking anywhere else and Google always attempt to make the experience of its users more friendly than ever. Recently, Matt Sheets, Product Manager announced that Google search will be getting new features in its search category. According to Sheets, this new feature will be directly displayed in the search category.

Sometimes we get stuck in the loop of finding a good movie or a season and still fail to succeed so to the oldest question ‘what do you want to watch?’ Google just provided a solution that might help ease us all.

Whenever a user will search for any good seasons or movies to watch, there will be a new carousel-style menu displaying TV shows and movies that you can swipe right and left on, similar like dating apps where you either like profiles or dislike it. According to Google, this new styled category will also display suggestions based on the queries by users.

Along with these new features in the search category, Google will also be enabling users to select the services they want to subscribe and Google will suggest shows and movies related to that. The queries by Google will give the platform the data to provide quick links of videos to watch immediately. This idea is quite similar to a site like JustWatch and displays the content to users based on the services they subscribe to. But we think this Google implementation may be more easy to use as compared to others.


The new recommendation features in the search category of Google will be rolling out on Google search now just at the same time for the fall TV season. This means with this new feature we can easily watch more recommended videos and not get stuck in the loop of finding the good videos to watch ourselves.

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