New Twitter Update Makes Bios More Visually Appealing

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world. However, in recent times Twitter has fallen behind the competition, something that has really impacted its presence in the world of social media. Twitter has made a lot of attempts to try and reestablish itself as a major player as far as social networks are concerned, and a recent update to the platform may be an attempt to do just that.

Twitter has been making a lot of changes to its desktop version. Some of the changes have been widely criticized, and as a result of this fact the company has been trying to change the website even more to bring it more in line with the kind of experience that you would get from using the app version of the platform.

One aspect of the platform that was criticized to a certain extent had to do with the lack of line break options while writing one’s Twitter bio. Your bio would essentially be one block of text with no option allow you to continue writing in a separate line which can actually be quite important for people that are attempting to add links to their bios and would like these links to get separate attention.

The good news is that the latest update to the Twitter website has made it possible for you to add line breaks in your bio. While this update is currently only available on the web version, something that will impact how effective it is at allowing people to get more control over how their bio looks whenever someone stumbles across their profile, the fact that Twitter is trying to make the website closer to the app indicates that this might change at some point.

People that use the app will probably get this feature soon, and it is regardless a step in the right direction for Twitter.

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