Search Definitions Got Better: Google Improves the “Synonyms” and “Antonyms” Layout

Google has brought some new improvements in the layout of definition cards, which is by far appreciated by many. Now, you can see synonyms and antonyms more clearly and prominently when you search for a definition.

Google has replaced synonyms and antonyms as “Similar” and “Opposite”. “Similar” appears in green color, whereas, “opposite” appears in red color. Both the synonyms and antonyms are now presented in pill-shaped bubbles to match the Material theme with a significant gap between two consecutive words.

By clicking on the carrot button at the end, one can expand the list of synonyms and antonyms to check more words. This small change by Google has increased the usability to a great extent by allowing users to click easily on the words. It will soon be launched on mobile and desktop web after its appearance last week.

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