Social Media Is Getting Unsafe: 53% Login And 25% New Account Are Scammers, Report Says

Although, we all love to use social media to remain connected to our friends and loved ones, but this medium is getting unsafe to use day by day since it has been started to use for business and marketing.

Recently, Arkose Lab released a report which shows that 53 percent of social media logins and accounts are of fraud people and 25 percent new accounts on social networks are of scammers.

The company published the Q3 Fraud and Abuse Report by analyzing and investigating 1.2 billion transactions, social media accounts and online payments in travelling, gaming, e-commerce and different other industries. The report says that out of ten transactions, one is related to cyber crime.

According to the report and the statement of the company, the crimes are committed via bots and humans in which the automated tools or humans hack the accounts to dig out important information which can give them access to their bank accounts to get money.

At many times, rich accounts are hacked to get the information of accounts and passwords to get large-sum of money.

As per the details of report and Arkose lab, United States, China, Russia, Philippines, United Kingdom and Indonesia are the originators of this attack. Except China, all of them are involved in attack via bots. Philippines is attacking the social media through automated software the most, whereas, 59.3 percent of attack are executed by human in which China is involved. Bad actors in China are attacking four times the Philippines, US, Indonesia and Russia by employing low-wage workers who are tasked to create fake accounts and make fake transactions.

Majority of human attackers are found to attack technology companies. The report says that 43 percent of human-driven attack are launched on tech services.

In 2018, around 39 people were arrested to impersonate supporters and helpers of Microsoft, Apple, Dell, HP and Google by more than a hundred policemen of India who investigated in 16 call-centers.

According to the media release of Arkose, around 75 percent of attack which are meant to steal information and spread fake propaganda to target trustworthy consumers is done through automated bots to attack all transactions and accounts.

The software company further said in its report that logins are attacked more than account registrations to gain profit.

Most of the times travel industries are 10 times seemed to be attacked more. According to the reports and analysis, 10 percent of login and 46 percent of payment are fraud.

Scammers make more than half of login attempts on social networks, says a new report

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