Google’s new feature will highlight the exact content you were looking for

Technology is updating on a daily basis. Users rely on the internet and social media platforms to engage with a variety of audience and to search for the content as well. From being the first web page on the internet to having millions of web pages, technology improved over the past years. Different companies try to bring out new technology to make it more easy for the users and to make its users rely on its services for all sort of tasks. Most companies try out to launch new features to make their platform stand out in the market of competitors.

Google is one of the largest search engine with billions of users from all over the world. Now we are living among the generation who prefers checking reviews and feedback on the internet instead of going to the market and asking around. With the improving technologies for e-commerce, life is made a lot easier for people to simply just do a variety of tasks just by tapping and clicking from their phones or computers.

Google is testing a new feature for Desktop users

Currently, Google is testing highlighting website content based on the search query by some users. Recently some users made a search on Google and noticed that the results shown by the website had some texts highlighted. Almost around 5 percent of search results come with highlighted texts for selected users.

Response by Google

It is an ongoing test by Google and the team of Google stated that the company is currently testing out this new functionality on 5 percent of the search results. This means that whenever a selected user searches for some content, the results of the user query will show certain portions of selected articles highlighted based on the Google search query of the users.

This new update is only visible to selected users, so if you can’t see this functionality there’s a chance you might not be a part of that specific group yet.

More related updates by Google

This highlighted content is not something new to Google search; this highlighting feature was first visible with AMP pages back in 2018. When a user searched for some content on a mobile device, some selected AMP pages will immediately respond with a result of the highlighted portion of the article specifically answering the user’s query. The previous version had the limitation of AMP pages only, this new version not only moves this feature to desktop users but also removes the AMP restriction as well.

This new highlighting feature only works on Google Chrome with the search query as it uses the target text feature of the browser for this functionality. In most of the cases, the majority of the users can’t see this functionality which might be a reason that Google isn’t widely launching this new feature for now.

Bottom Line

This new update is a step towards making the search query more easy for the users. This new highlighted content functionality is visible to only selected users and we are not sure if Google has any plans to roll it out widely but we are expecting Google might respond to that soon.

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