Good News, Google Chrome 77 Is Finally Launching for Android

Chrome 77 was launched for Mac, Windows, and Linux a long time ago and users were wondering if the new version will be available for Android users too. After a long wait, Google Chrome 77 is now available for the Android users too which means that Android fans will be able to enjoy the improved features that have been added to the new version. In the Chrome 77, there is a "Send this page" option as well as better download page.

Previously, Chrome has the features to help the users see the tabs that are opened on the devices that are signed in from the Google account, however, with version 77 there is an added option of "send this page" and this can be accessed via the system share sheet. The send to your device appears while using the Chrome custom tabs, which only works in the browser.

Screenshot: Androidpolice.

When the user selects the “share” option, a small slide opens up where the option for “send to” are provided. The list consists of the basic information including the Chrome devices list, name, type along with the last active date. On opening the shared page through the device where the sender has sent the page, an alert pops up where it highlights the basic information including the URL, name along with the sharing device. This feature was specifically launched for better connectivity and it was launched in late July for other devices.

With the updated Chrome 77, the Android users will be able to have downloaded screen with a menu in the top left corner. For browsing, there are various buttons that can help in filtering out various content types and unlike other versions, this has a larger preview for the better visibility of the saved images. To provide a better suggestion, “articles for you” option has also been added that suggest the content that Google stores automatically, however, this feature has not yet rolled out.

For better safety and security, the site isolation also protects the cookies, cross-site data along with the HTTP resources even while visiting the “attacker-controlled websites”. The new version comes with built-in security measure including the enabled option for android devices that will help in protecting website and data where the user will be entering sensitive information.

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