Using Google Calendar Might Put Your Privacy At Risk

There are a lot of threats out there that could potentially make your data a lot less secure and private than you would like it to be, and even some of the biggest and most trustworthy companies on the internet such as Google are known for making mistakes that would make it so that your data might end up getting compromised in some way.

Calendar is one of the services Google provides, and it is basically a way for people to try and get organized in terms of the responsibilities they have, tasks they need to complete, and objectives that they need to meet at any particular given moment. However, as noted by Avinash Jain, there is one big problem associated with Google Calendars, and this is that if you accidentally make your calendar visible to the public this means that anyone would simply be able to use Google in order to look at your entire schedule which is a huge privacy risk since this is some pretty personal data that pretty much anyone would be able to access with the push of a button.

Things like email addresses, event locations and even personal numbers and addresses could end up being revealed if this small mistake is made, and the fact of the matter is that it is actually quite easy to make an error that would lead to you revealing all of this data since Google has not put in any fail-safes that would prevent you from selecting the public visibility option for your calendar.

The need for such a feature is still a mystery since most people tend to use Google Calendars in order to plan both their personal and professional lives neither of which really need to be visible to the public, so it is important for the tech giant to try and at least make users aware when they mistakenly select this option.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/Sopa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images

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